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L002 - Hickory Flatbow
Hickory Flatbow
L038 - Siege Bow
Siege Bow
Bamboo Backed Hickory Bow
Bamboo Backed Hickory
L004 - Bamboo Backed Hickory Reflex Deflex Bow
Bamboo Backed Hickory
Reflex Deflex
L1005 - Picto Backed Bow Line
Picto Backed Line
I004 - Modoc Bows
P001 - Phil Sylva Model One Bow
Phil Sylva Model One

Finished: Finished bows come complete as listed below and always include bow string and bow stringer. It is possible to get a component delete such as a string or handle wrap delete upon request.

UFinish: These bows are ready for the customer to do final sanding, adding finish, and adding handle wraps etc. as desired. They are tilled, have shaped handles and arrow rests if the finished has a cut rest or handle. Deleting cuts requires a minimum order of 40. These bows come with bow string and stringer but no wraps or strike plates etc.

Floor Tillered Stave: These bows are shaped but not tilled. For bow styles that are not ambidextrous they are available with the rest cut or uncut. NO STRING or STRINGER.

Parts Kit: This is all the raw wood parts to make the bow of selected style. For laminated bow it will include each layer. If the style has a built up handle the handle riser block is included and strike plates are included where appropriate. NO STRING, STRINGER, or HANDLE WRAPS.